F1Cast Racing goes Le Mans style!

F1Cast Racing will be joining the multiple hours races of the 4th season of the RaceDepartment Le Mans series! The races differ from 6 to 24 hours of non-stop online racing! No simulation here, these times are real! Both well known and succesful simracers Bram Beelen and Maurice Zondag will
drive the Lamborghini Murcielago in the GT1 class, the fastest GTs of the field. A well known car for Beelen, as he has  won the SRVN GT1 Championship ‘Schumacher-style’ last year at SRVN.   The two drivers have proven to be succesful in the past aswell as a team, since they also were teammates in a one time event at the 6 hours of Sebring, where they dominated the race and finished first, lapping the rest of the field at least once.

“The competition is very though at RDLMS. The best simracers of the world enter this international series, so it will be tough to win races, but we’re confident we can be competitive in our class.” Zondag, also the team owner, said today, when the news came out the license was approved. “At the moment it is just Bram and me who will enter the race, but we leave the option open to welcome a third driver behind the wheel. Doing a 8 hour race is manageable, the 24 hours of Le Mans is a different story.”

“The Lamborghini is a great car. It is very reliable and extremely fast. Especially the neutral balance in the car is exceptional. And the sound is just overwhelming!” he said.

There will be 12 GT1 cars in the series. Besides the GT1, there is also the GT2, and the faster prototype cars in the LMP1 and 2. The series is based on the official Le Mans Series. So there will be Audis and Peugeots with the silent diesel engines in the P1, the Porsche Spyder and Judds in the P2, and the sportscars in the GT1 and 2.

“It is not only keeping focussed on the race itself. But also the much faster P1 and P2s are something you have to calculate in. The P2s are even more difficult to let by, because our Lamborghini has almost the same straight line speed. Going to be interesting though!”

The presentation of the car will be at the end of this month.

The race calender is quite an interesting one:

Round 1: 8 hours of Silverstone
Qualify: 2-4-2013
Race: 6-4-2013
Round 2: 12 hours of Sebring
Qualify: 23-4-2013
Race: 27-03-2013
Round 3: 6 hours of Road America
Qualify: 21-5-2013
Race: 25-5-2013
Round 4: 10 ours of TBA
Qualify 11-06-2013
Race: 15-6-2013
Round 5: 24 hours of Le Mans
Qualify: 9-7-2013
Race: 15-6-2013


For more info about RaceDepartment, check out www.RaceDepartment.com!

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