Difficult start 24h of Le Mans

The preparations for the race of the year, the RaceDepartment 24 hours of Le Mans have been difficult for F1Cast Racing. The team with the only Lamborghini Murcielago V10 is struggling with the core speed of the car. Because of the stretched layout of the La Sarthe track, they miss a lot of top speed, which resulted in a season worst starting position P6 for this Saturdays race. Although the starting position doesn’t really matter that much in a race that long, it is a first signal about the potential of the car. And that doesn’t look that good for the Dutch Lambo guys.

“We know we miss top speed in comparison with the Corvettes and the Saleen, but at the other hand we know our strengths as well. So we have to play on them hard, race a smart race and improve our position in the field that way. A lot can happen in 24 hours. The 20 meter difference at the start doesn’t matter at all. We’re confident about our own capacity, and we go with that.” Told Maurice Zondag, Teammanager.

So, although this is the first time the team enters a 24 hours race, they are confident they can do well. The right spirit for what is going to be in interesting race for sure!

The start of the race will be this Saturday at 2:00 pm CET and can be followed live on www.RaceDepartment.com

2 comments to Difficult start 24h of Le Mans

  • William325  says:

    I have good hopes for you Guys, since you’re not gonna win the race in the first 50 Laps.
    Make sure you keep the car solid and running and you have a Very Good Chance.
    Good Luck, let me know the Link for Live Broadcast, so I can Watch from Time to Time.
    And………. HAVE FUN.
    Grtz RotterGraaf Racing.

  • Pascal  says:

    Hi guys, a lot of succes for your team and as the 24 houres lasts, time and strategy as well as the race car’s reliability is essential for a good finish. Good luck and indeed lot’s of fun! Greetings from the south, PascalF.

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