Lambo RDLMS Road America 2013

Last moment disaster in Le Mans preparations

Motorsports is a technical sport. Things can brake down. And lets you stand there next to the track with nothing. That also goes for simracing.

This morning Vincent Staal had the bad news to the team that his internet is down, and probabely will not be online anymore the next days. The modem/router broke down.

Since racing a 24 hours race with just 2 drivers is just plain insane, the entry of the team in this event has become unsure. The team is looking for a solutions as we speak. If there is a fast simracer out there who is able to step in, let him contact me as fast as he can (reply here on via facebook!).

As things are now, we will start the race, hoping we can get a third driver in by the end of this afternoon, who can get in with us and finish this race of the season. We will not go down that easy!

So, are you up for the ultimate challange? Go unprepared in to the car, and bring it home with us? If you need to remember why we do this, watch this, and then click on reply!

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