Lambo Le Mans

16 hours to go

The first 8 hours have passed in the biggest simracing event of the year, the RaceDepartment 24 hours of Le Mans and it has been quite eventfull!

Of course we had the trouble with the fact one of our main drivers, Vincent Staal had internet troubles this morning, causing him to withdraw from the race even before it started. That was unfortunate since he was the fastest of the three drivers and with one down, only Beelen and Zondag were left, and having just 2 drivers to cover a 24 hour race was just not an option. Though, thanks to the great effort of Jan Wim Ensing of the SRVN team, he brought us to contact with Robbie Bouchoms and Bram Kuipers. Both new to endurance racing, but both fast simdrivers. They had never raced the Lamborghini on Le Mans before today, so they installed all the software and started to prepare. Thanks to the flexibility of RaceDepartment they were granted to drive and the race was safed!

Bram Beelen, now the fastest driver for sure, started the race from a P6 and did exactly what he is good at. He raced, and raced and raced! Three stints and back to P3, the race was open again. Due to a server crash fairly at the beginning of the race, it was 4 hours done when Zondag took over the drive. And he did fairly well too. No crashes, no problems he did his stints steady. The rookie drivers were training their butts of and ready as they could be, Robbie took over the wheel of Zondag.

The pressure was there, the car new to him, and he did a pretty solid 2 stints. Just one mistake that forced him to do a bit of damage repair in the pits, that dropped us one place to P4. Now, just as we entered the last hours in the daylight, Bram Kuipers took over from Robbie and as nervous he was, he started his stint. He has to build confidence, and he will take off some pressure of the two main drivers Beelen and Zondag. Beelen will take over after Kuipers, and we’ll dive into the night for the continuing story of Le Mans…

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One comment to 16 hours to go

  • william325  says:

    Great to see that The race is Safed.
    Keep it Up and Running.
    Watching since the Start, I’m not gonna Last to the End, take a nap in a while, and try to watch the End of the Race.
    Good Luck Mates

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