Lambo le Mans 2

Halfway through and still running!

12 Hours left, 12 to go! It’s almost 2 am here in Holland, and we’re ready to take the last part of the race! A half hour ago we had another server crash, which is in simracing terms a full course yellow, so the race time continued. It gave us an oportunity to refresh the tyres and fuel up the car and started racing again.

First of all, we’re glad we could race at all. Thanks to Robbie and Bram Kuipers who helped us out driving 4 serious stints. Maybe not the fastest, but at least we drove! We’re at P6 at the moment, and Beelen is back at the wheel. Let’s see what he and Zondag can do in the next 6 ‘graveyard hours’ and where we are when the first sunlight will luminate ┬áthe track again.

So far, so good. Still running, still not that big of problems, so let’s stay focused and race!

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