Lambo le mans night

Difficult night

Le Mans is special, not only because it’s history, but for any driver, it’s the fact you drive through the night. The night is a referee for a lot of cars, drivers and teams. For us, it was a hard night.

It began all well with Bram Beelen who did a solid 3 stint race, consolidating the position we had on p6 after the restart of the server crash we had just before 2 am. Zondag took over the Lamborghini, going for at least some more consilidation. It didn’t go as planned. At 6 am we suffered another server crash, after Zondag did almost 2 stints and did actually pretty good. We got to P5, with only 30 seconds behind numer 4. The first signs of the morning was visable, and the night almost seemed over. But after the restart it went all downhill. 2 Laps after the restart the Aston Martin of Middleton crashed into the wall and blocked the road on Tetre Rouge. Zondag had no where to go and smashed into the back, loosing his front suspension. While limping back to the pits, he lost control of the Lamborghini and hit a tyre barrier, loosing his left front tyre. Repair time was over 6 minutes. Not much trouble yet, since the race was still a long way to go. But 5 laps after the pitstop the software of Zondag’s computer also crashed and threw us out of the race for that moment. We could rejoin, but had a 8 minute penalty before we could rejoin the race.

It was 7:45 am when Zondag got a green to rejoin the race. With practically no sleep it became hard to stay focussed and he lost the car in the Porsche curve, so the team decided to call Beelen to the car to take over from Zondag. And that’s where we’re now. Due to all the problems the team has fallen back in the standings to a drizzeling 9th place. There’s lots of work to do for the last hours of the race.

Beelen is doing the morning stint for now, and Bouchoms will take over at the end of the morning. Leaving the final stints for main drivers Beelen and Zondag to finish this race.

Stay tuned!

One comment to Difficult night

  • William325  says:

    I can say what ever I want, like, stay focused and keep the car solid and running…..
    But that is Easy to say for me, While I don’t have thr heavy task of driving the car in Day or Night for 2,5 hours.
    I know it’s Hard to do, that’s why I couldn’t help out like Bram Kuipers did, because I probably wouldn’t last voor 1,5 hour……
    But……who knows, mabey I wanna give it a try next year, have a lot of days for Training then ;-)
    So far, Well Done Guys.

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