Lambo RDLMS Road America 2013

Last moment disaster in Le Mans preparations

Motorsports is a technical sport. Things can brake down. And lets you stand there next to the track with nothing. That also goes for simracing.

This morning Vincent Staal had the bad news to the team that his internet is down, and probabely will not be online anymore the next days. The modem/router broke down.

Since racing a 24 hours race with just 2 drivers is just plain insane, the entry of the team in this event has become unsure. The team is looking for a solutions as we speak. If there is a fast simracer out there who is able to step in, let him contact me as fast as he can (reply here on via facebook!).

As things are now, we will start the race, hoping we can get a third driver in by the end of this afternoon, who can get in with us and finish this race of the season...

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Difficult start 24h of Le Mans

The preparations for the race of the year, the RaceDepartment 24 hours of Le Mans have been difficult for F1Cast Racing. The team with the only Lamborghini Murcielago V10 is struggling with the core speed of the car. Because of the stretched layout of the La Sarthe track, they miss a lot of top speed, which resulted in a season worst starting position P6 for this Saturdays race. Although the starting position doesn’t really matter that much in a race that long, it is a first signal about the potential of the car. And that doesn’t look that good for the Dutch Lambo guys.

“We know we miss top speed in comparison with the Corvettes and the Saleen, but at the other hand we know our strengths as well...

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Lambo RDLMS Road America 2013

Again 3rd place at Road America

Yesterday the RaceDepartment Le Mans series fought their 10hour battle for the win at the beautiful track of Road America, near Wisconsin. It was a tough battle for all cars and drivers. For the third time this season, with three races done, the Lamborghini drivers of F1Cast Racing managed a third place in their Class. But there was more to it. Nearing the end of the race, it looked as if the Dutch team was able to win the race, but misfortune took it’s role and the team had to settle for less. Nevertheless, a third ┬áplace conseals the 3e place overall in the championship, but as eager as the team is, they wanted more, so disapointment after the incident in the 268th lap was all over the team.

Team owner and 3rd driver Maurice Zondag explains: “We had it all together...

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Lambo sebring

Podium on 12h of Sebring!

At the 12 hours of Sebring International Raceway F1Cast Racing managed to finish the consecutive 3rd place in the GT1 class at the RaceDepartment LeMans Series. A tremendous achievement of the team after some difficult moments in the race.

The race started around 14:30 local time and Bram Beelen managed to keep the pole in the first stint to it’s first place. But endurance races are strategic races, and it looked as if the competition had a better strategy in the beginning of the race, so around second and third place the teams changed positions regulary during the first hours of the race. Halfway through the race, when the evening started falling, all of a sudden the Lamborghini lost all its power and the engine died without a warning...

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