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Lambo le mans finish

24h of Le Mans: Craziest event ever!

Le Mans. Race fans love it. Why? Because it is insane! It is absolute crazy to race in a car for 24 hours. A whole day. What nutcase came up with this idea. And to make it even worse, to do this behind your computer, with a Steering device, lots of Red Bull and your team mates on Teamspeak. But insanity and pure pleasure is sometimes hard to tell apart. This is such a case.

It has been the hardest race we’ve ever done. This race made all the previous races look easy. A lot can happen in 24 hours. Well, lets refrase that to a lot WILL happen. And a lot happened. We’ve had server crashes, computer crashes, and too bad to say, car crashes. But that’s all part of the game. Endurance.

Team manager Zondag tells about the race: “The last 6 hours was surviving...

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Lambo le mans night

Difficult night

Le Mans is special, not only because it’s history, but for any driver, it’s the fact you drive through the night. The night is a referee for a lot of cars, drivers and teams. For us, it was a hard night.

It began all well with Bram Beelen who did a solid 3 stint race, consolidating the position we had on p6 after the restart of the server crash we had just before 2 am. Zondag took over the Lamborghini, going for at least some more consilidation. It didn’t go as planned. At 6 am we suffered another server crash, after Zondag did almost 2 stints and did actually pretty good. We got to P5, with only 30 seconds behind numer 4. The first signs of the morning was visable, and the night almost seemed over. But after the restart it went all downhill...

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Lambo le Mans 2

Halfway through and still running!

12 Hours left, 12 to go! It’s almost 2 am here in Holland, and we’re ready to take the last part of the race! A half hour ago we had another server crash, which is in simracing terms a full course yellow, so the race time continued. It gave us an oportunity to refresh the tyres and fuel up the car and started racing again.

First of all, we’re glad we could race at all. Thanks to Robbie and Bram Kuipers who helped us out driving 4 serious stints. Maybe not the fastest, but at least we drove! We’re at P6 at the moment, and Beelen is back at the wheel. Let’s see what he and Zondag can do in the next 6 ‘graveyard hours’ and where we are when the first sunlight will luminate ┬áthe track again.

So far, so good. Still running, still not that big of problems, so let’s stay focused and race!

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Lambo RDLMS Road America 2013

Again 3rd place at Road America

Yesterday the RaceDepartment Le Mans series fought their 10hour battle for the win at the beautiful track of Road America, near Wisconsin. It was a tough battle for all cars and drivers. For the third time this season, with three races done, the Lamborghini drivers of F1Cast Racing managed a third place in their Class. But there was more to it. Nearing the end of the race, it looked as if the Dutch team was able to win the race, but misfortune took it’s role and the team had to settle for less. Nevertheless, a third ┬áplace conseals the 3e place overall in the championship, but as eager as the team is, they wanted more, so disapointment after the incident in the 268th lap was all over the team.

Team owner and 3rd driver Maurice Zondag explains: “We had it all together...

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