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Robbie and Bram to the rescue!

At exactly 1 minute before the start of the 24 hours of Le Mans on RaceDepartment, the team is complete again. Former F1Cast Racing driver Robbie Bouchoms picked up the signal (thanks to Ensing of SRVN!)  and volunteered to get in the Lamborghini. Although he never tested the car, we have to try the best we can.

So we have what we need, to start the race and to actually finish it, at least with the drivers.

Robbie, good luck, as goes for the rest of the team!

Let’s go!!

UPDATE: Next to Robbie, also Bram Kuipers will join the team to race the Lamborghini! Since Robbie can’t race during the night and tomorrow, we needed a 4th driver and GNCR driver at SRVN was kind enough to step up the plate and do the job! Well done! And welcome to the race!

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RaceDepartment 24h Le Mans

Saturday july 14, at 14:00 CET the 24 hours of Le Mans will be raced on the servers of RaceDepartment. Follow Bram Beelen, Vincent Staal and Maurice Zondag in the #303 Lamborghini Murcielago of F1Cast Racing!

You can watch it right here! (for the best view, click on full screen! Enjoy!)

If you want to see the actual race data (laptimes, standings etc.) click here

Or go to racedepartment.com/forum/chat

or their YouTube page

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Lambo RDLMS Road America 2013

Last moment disaster in Le Mans preparations

Motorsports is a technical sport. Things can brake down. And lets you stand there next to the track with nothing. That also goes for simracing.

This morning Vincent Staal had the bad news to the team that his internet is down, and probabely will not be online anymore the next days. The modem/router broke down.

Since racing a 24 hours race with just 2 drivers is just plain insane, the entry of the team in this event has become unsure. The team is looking for a solutions as we speak. If there is a fast simracer out there who is able to step in, let him contact me as fast as he can (reply here on via facebook!).

As things are now, we will start the race, hoping we can get a third driver in by the end of this afternoon, who can get in with us and finish this race of the season...

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debuut cpz bram

Simrace kampioen Beelen maakt testdebuut

Afgelopen woensdag heeft F1Cast Racing simrace coureur Bram Beelen zijn debuut gemaakt in de DNRT Ford Sierra van het real life race team gemaakt op het circuit van Zandvoort.

Hij heeft deze test aangeboden gekregen van het team, door zijn indrukwekkende simrace seizoen in zowel de GT1 en Toerwagens, waar hij in beide gevallen de titel heeft binnen gehaald.

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